Health Care Provider Services

My background in the recording industry has afforded me the opportunity to offer services for detailed meditation scripts with music or without music. Working with a team of professionals, I can tailor any type of meditation MP3 for your patients. I have been told many times by health care practitioners they do not feel comfortable preparing scripts for their patients as they are not comfortable in front of a microphone. With over 30 years of experience in the music industry, my expertise and ease with the recording process are second nature, and I am eager to share the gift of my voice to help heal patients across the globe. There are many frequencies used in music to help with specific issues. I will use my Reiki training to choose the correct frequency and provide the perfect script for your patients. The following are just a few of the services I provide:

  • Creating a voiceover MP3 using your unique script you wish your patient to receive.
  • Creating a voiceover MP3 using a custom script I create for you with your patient’s name and the treatment modality needed. The MP3 can be created with music or without music. Utilization of music will have specific frequencies which address the precise healing need for your patient.
  • Creating a voiceover MP3 using a custom script I create for you without a patient’s name in the script. This version of an MP3 is produced with the same guidelines as above but allows for multiple patient usage
  • Creating guided meditation MP3s on various topics.

In addition to these services, I have found that many patients have a fear of being in tight spaces, specifically when treating in MRI scanners or receiving radiation with a mask fitted to their face for radiation treatments. These claustrophobic episodes can be a matter of life or death if treatment is refused. I first came upon this experience helping my ex-husband maneuver his throat cancer treatment. There was a point in his treatment where he absolutely could not continue radiation due to the claustrophobic issues. After just one hypnotherapy session, he was able to continue his treatment successfully. With treatment through RTT, claustrophobic episodes can be managed or completely eradicated, which allows patients to continue their medical treatment unimpeded. Please ask me about my services.

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